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Volunteer registration 


Do you want to volunteer with CNY Pride? All you have to do is click the button below to register. We'll be in touch closer to June to collect and communicate more information. 


We'll need help from 8am-6pm the day of the festival and ask volunteers to either do a half day (4 hours) or a whole day (up to 8 hours). Volunteers are given lunch vouchers and are given detailed instructions for their responsibilities for the day. At present, we especially need help with traffic control, parking monitors, set up, and tear down. 

Do you have a group of folks that would like to help? Or would you like to help out leading up to the festival? Or get involved with CNY Pride in other ways?


Please reach out to us at


Happy Pride!


CNY Pride is a family friendly event that holds space for all consensual, empowered expressions of sexuality and gender. It is likely that some people may encounter new expressions of gender and sexuality at CNY Pride that may make some people uncomfortable or require discussion. Please visit our Pride Info Booth if you'd like assistance in discussing, explaining, or processing any of the things you encounter or learn about this Pride! 

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