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Festival & Vendor MAP



The Parade staging area will be sited in the Destiny USA parking lot on Solar Street. The Parade will turn left out of the lot, and proceed South East down Solar Street, crossing Bear Street. The Parade will continue to the intersection of Solar Street and Court St/ West Kirpatrick St. The parade will turn Right onto West Kirkpatrick Street and continue South West until it reaches the entrance of  the festival grounds at the Inner Harbor. The parade route is approxiamately .75 miles in length. 

Pride 2024 ParadeShuttle-FINAL.jpeg
2024 Pride Parade Staging Map-FINAL.jpeg

ROAD Closures

Solar Street between Destiny USA and West Kirkpatrick Street, the intersection of Solar and Bear Street, and intersection of  West Kirkpatrick Street between Solar Street and Van Rensselaer Street will be closed during the CNY Pride Parade, from approximately 10:45am-12:15pm (but please allow some flexibility). 

West Kirkpatrick Street between the ALOFT Hotel and Van Rensselaer Street will remain closed for the duration of the festival, from at 5am until at least 6pm. Van Rensselear Street will be closed between Spencer and West Kirkpatrick Street will be closed from 5am until at least 6pm.


Vendors will receive communications regarding load in and out. 

Parking & SHUTTLES

Please see our PARKING, ACCESSIBILITY, & WELLNESS page for more info!


CNY Pride is a family friendly event that holds space for all consensual, empowered expressions of sexuality and gender. It is likely that some people may encounter new expressions of gender and sexuality at CNY Pride that may make some people uncomfortable or require discussion. Please visit our Pride Info Booth if you'd like assistance in discussing, explaining, or processing any of the things you encounter or learn about this Pride! 

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