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join the pRIDE pet parade! 

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The Pride Guide is now CLOSED! Thank you!

Check back later in June for our digital release, and be sure to pick up a physical copy at the Festival! 

Want to feature your beloved pet(s) in the 2022 CNY Pride Guide?

For $25 an image, we'll print a photo of your fabulous fur, scaled, or feathered friends in the "Prideful Pet Spotlight" section of our Pride Guide!

Rules for printed "Prideful Pet Spotlight" Pride Guide submissions: 


  • $25 per photo.

  • After receiving payment confirmation, please email:

    • your high quality (ideally 300dpi) pet photo in to with the subject line "Prideful Pet Photo"

    • the name of the person who placed the order

    • the name of your pet(s) in the photo

  • Preferred formats include .jpg, .png, or photos taken on a smart phone. 

  • If a 300 dpi photo is not possible, an original photograph taken on a smart phone is acceptable. A 300dpi scan of a printed photo is also acceptable. 

  • May 20, 2022 deadline print submission. No exceptions.

  • Multiple photos will be printed on each Pride Guide page. 

  • Printed size of each photo to be determined by CNY Pride, based on design, photo quality, and other factors. 

  • Photos should include a clear image of the pet or pet(s) only. 

  • CNY Pride reserves the right to edit or crop photos for formatting reasons.

  • No human faces will be printed. Please select photos accordingly. 

  • CNY Pride reserves the right refuse and refund entries.

  • If you would like to purchase a quarter, half, or full page add for your pet; please select that option instead and reach out to us! 

Join the Prideful Pet Spotlight


CNY Pride is a family friendly event that holds space for all consensual, empowered expressions of sexuality and gender. It is likely that some people may encounter new expressions of gender and sexuality at CNY Pride that may make some people uncomfortable or require discussion. Please visit our Pride Info Booth if you'd like assistance in discussing, explaining, or processing any of the things you encounter or learn about this Pride! 

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