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CNY Pride's mission is to celebrate and connect people to resources and local businesses for the LGBTQIA++ community of Central New York. We want to be a safe place for all oppressed communities- those at the crossroads of many struggles, and those who are watching from their own lanes. 

The vision of CNY Pride is to provide an expansive and community driven space and place for local Queer/LGBTQ+ identified persons. Being Queer/LGBTQ+ is both an identity and a mission- of love, support, and fulfillment for those who find themselves under the umbrella. We want to show both our community and beyond that Pride is not just a party, but a celebration. We as a board bravely commit to our past history of LGBTQ+ people who came before us, those holding space with us, and those who will come after. Please join us on this journey, community member or not, to create a better space for all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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