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Ghouls and Gays!

A fun time to connect, gather, and celebrate the spooky season of Halloween. Allies and Halloween aficionados are welcome. Come enjoy!
Discounted Tickets are $35 for 4 attractions ($5 discount) OR  $45 for VIP All-4-Attraction fast pass ($20 discount!).
Tickets MUST be purchased by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2022 (this is an extended deadline!). Discounted tickets will ONLY be valid for the Friday Oct. 21, 2022 "Ghouls & Gays" event sponsored by BlackCuse Pride, CNY Pride and the Q Center. 
We will have FREE light snacks served under the VIP Pavilion. Everyone who purchases through us will get access to the VIP pavilion and fire pit. 
For questions about the attractions themselves, please visit the Frightmare Farms website
See you there!


Come and explore the haunted estate of Frightmare Farms. Do you think that you can withstand the hair-raising encounters of spirits that haven't crossed over? The property has been haunted for many years. The land cries out due to unanswered questions in regards to the various unsolved murders. Have a curiosity or interest in the departed artifacts of ghost? Come and enjoy this thrilling experience! Be sure to bring some silver, garlic, and possibly some holy water to keep a boundary with the various spirits and beings that inhabit the property. 

Your local Syracuse LGBTQ Orgs, BlackCuse Pride, CNY Pride and the Q Center have partnered up with Frightmare Farms. This is an open event for all LGBTQ plus folks, their families, and allies. This event is kid friendly. Another added bonus; those individuals with sensory processing, staff is trained to specifically work with individual needs, in regard to Autism, PTSD, and other related sensory processing needs. 

Tickets are $35 for 4 attractions, or $45 for the VIP fast pass. We will have light snacks served under the pavilion.

((Look out for our Gofundme! We are raising funds for a charter bus for folks who may need transportation.)) 

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