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Pride 2020 update

Dear CNY Pride Family,


We find ourselves facing an unprecedented and uncertain time—but remember that we’re at our strongest when we take care of each other. As we adjust to the realities of COVID-19, CNY Pride remains committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. In partnership with Black Cuse Pride, ACR Health, and Sage Upstate, we have begun compiling a list of community resources, food access, and support organizations which can be found at


I know many of you are wondering about this year's pride festival. CNY Pride’s board meetings have, since January, focused almost exclusively on pride festivities and the emergence of the Coronavirus. We’ve spoken with many people in both the NYS and local governments, kept abreast of federal, CDC, and WHO guidelines, and have consulted local public health experts. After extensive conversations, CNY Pride’s Board of Directors voted to place June’s Pride festivities on hold. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, as well as continue to explore future options. However, we must be candid and acknowledge that situations beyond our control may make rescheduling difficult.


As the board mobilizes to find ways to support our community we ask that you take 2-3 minutes to complete our online community assessment survey at, which will provide us with a better picture of our community’s needs at this time. We’ll use the results to advise local community organizations on the unique concerns and needs of LGBTQ+ people in CNY.


Rest assured, even though we will not be able to hold the CNY Pride parade and festival as planned, the CNY queer community is still proud and stronger than ever. While virtual events can never take the place of seeing each other in person, I encourage you to explore the online queer community in Syracuse now and during Pride month. From virtual drag shows to digital dance parties and happy hours, I am heartened by our community’s ability to adapt and continue to connect during this time. 


Right now, the health and safety of our community are paramount. Until we are able to celebrate together in person, in the meantime stay safe, check in on your friends, and keep up with CDC safety guidelines. At the risk of sounding too “extra,” I would like to close with wisdom from one of Aesop’s fables: "One cannot break a bundle of sticks, but a single stick can be easily broken; the same applies to people—there is strength in union.”

In solidarity,


Michael J. Leonelli

President, CNY Pride


PO Box 6608

Syracuse, NY 13217



For inquiries, please contact


For information, actions you can take, and to stay informed on COVID-19 please use the following resources:


Onondaga County Resources

New York State Department of Health Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

We will continue to update this page with community resources, COVID-19 information, and updates on ways to celebrate Pride in our communities in 2020.

General Resources


Mental Health





Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources

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